Q: Are all these manufactur by your company? Warranty after sales services?
A: The dental chair is manufactured by our factory, the dental accessories are manufactured by my boss brother. Our dental chair warranty is one year, the detal accessories is 6 months.

Q: Do you sell dental anesthetic?
A: Sorry, we do not sell the dental anesthetic. It is forbidden to sell the drug without permission. But we have some other cheaper dental equipment.

Q: What is the warranty period of the dental unit and what is my guaranteed?
A: Warranty period is one year. If any malfunction is caused by quality related problems within one year from the date of purchase, we will try to solve it in the Internet, if it could not be solved, we could analyze it and get which part have problem and send the part back. The product can be repaired for free or returned to us.

Q: So when it needs to be serviced. Is there some one in Costa Rica to do that. These are question that the doctors want to know. Because if it was to break down. How long would it take to get it repaired.
A: First, you can trust our quality. Until now no machines are returned back to repair. Second, if there's really problem we can discuss online and analyze the reason and send you the broken part. The last solution is sending backWe export to many countries all around the world, it's difficult to arrange technicians in all countries, so we only export strong machines which are not easy to break down.

Q: Do you have simple one (but get less Price i don't need hot wáter in the siringe, only 3 services, only one eyector, a very simple one).
A: Yes, Our Model MSLDU02 is the simple one dental units and a very simple one.

Q: Can you tell me if i import dental unit from China, how many tax i need to pay?
A: We asked our shiping agent, they have dealer in Dubai, as they told us if you imported dental chair you buy in china, you need pay 5% tax.

Q: What is different DU03 and DU15? If i choose apple color if the cupisor and plate can the same color?
A: DU15 is glass cupisor and DU03 is ceramics. We are not sure because only one sample dental unit is very hard to do all the same in the same color.

Q: Does this have air compressor? Also is the Led lamp are sensor?
A: This model dental chair can equipped air compressor, but the price do not including in the quote for MSLDU11. Also The LED lamp is not sensor type.

Q: Is this DU20 electrically driven?
A: Yes, it is electrically driven.



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