Gas turbine dental drill

Gas turbine dental drill is a frequently used treatment equipment dentistry. 1950s Britain invented the first gas vortex dental drill, it caused birth of people's attention, because it has high speed, good treatment effect, etc., many countries have started production of gas turbine dental drill, China in the 1970s developed outlet turbine dental drill. Gas turbine dental drill many advantages, such as low noise; high speed, up to 300 000r / min; small cutting force, grinding little pain; high efficiency, drilling and grinding time is short, generally only do a cavity 10 ~ 30 seconds, the ordinary dental drill at least 3 to 5 minutes, so that the clinical use of the gas turbine dental drill, more acceptable to the patient. Also connected to the front of the gas turbine dental drill with only soft hose, small head so it also has to work flexible, it features a wide range of activities.

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