Dental chair seems to be the essential medical equipment for dentist, since the world's first electric dental drill has been appeared in 1887, the dental unit has been greatly improved in terms of performance and intelligent.

Modern dental chair in the traditional sense generally refers to simple dental treatment machine, which is appears common in township and private clinics in the limited conditions. More old-fashioned chair without a physician and assistant chairs, and some do not even bring the spittoon, saliva ejectors, dental chair has become a veritable dental chair. Despite these relative simple chairs, which is aim to meet the needs of the general dental treatment.

For example, in China's vast rural and urban communities, there is still a considerable market in the range of individual dental clinics. According to the survey in 1999, it accounted for 80% of total sales, the survey still around, while declining to 72% of total demand. The design concept of "People-oriented" dental chair design is rise in recent years, mainly in the design purpose of convenience, comfort, safety and health aspects.

However, in the areas of convenient, comfortable and safe: the high price chair with a variety of personalized general operating procedures, which can rely on the physician's personality habit, and set a different treatment positions (upper and lower jaw teeth and rescue bits), and stored procedures do . The control section chair, from mechanical, electric control rising early to advanced control valve control stage and solenoid valve control; the price is in a few million more than the high price dental chair usually comes with automatic console, adjust the chair position movement by the backrest and integrated knee joint, up, down, tilt adjustment. The patient is more suitable for the treatment position; and with a non-slip foot doctors seats and multifunction controls, the doctor may need to control with foot, in the case of operation without stopping the instrument to achieve water treatment, air gun switching operation. The high-end treatment station also has a variety of steering Designed, powerful bass vacuum pump, liquid can be separated with large suction and few noise.

Besides, in mainland, China, there are original model designed for children, the minimum height of the entire computer electric dental chair is only 43cm, which provide a convenience for small patients actually. Thus, once you select us – MSL, We are the dental chair manufacturer who during the beginning establishment, we have been working in the dental chair field applications and dental chair products’ innovation. After several years of development, now our dental chair are exported to more than 110 countries, the United States, Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Nigeria included. "Healthier in Technology" is our belief, and we stick to the idea of "Innovating technology, living healthier". Therefore, we have made a great contribution for human health in committing and promoting advanced technologies products for many years.

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