Gas Turbine Dental Drill

Gas turbine dental drill is a frequently used treatment equipment dentistry. 1950s Britain invented the first gas vortex dental drill, it caused birth of people's attention, because it has high speed, good treatment effect, etc., many countries have started production of gas turbine dental drill, China in the 1970s developed outlet turbine dental drill. Gas turbine dental drill many advantages, such as low noise; high speed, up to 300 000r / min; small cutting force, grinding little pain; high efficiency, drilling and grinding time is short, generally only do a cavity 10 ~ 30 seconds, the ordinary dental drill at least 3 to 5 minutes, so that the clinical use of the gas turbine dental drill, more acceptable to the patient. Also connected to the front of the gas turbine dental drill with only soft hose, small head so it also has to work flexible, it features a wide range of activities.


Gas turbine dental drill structure

Dental Treatment Machine

When talk about dental treatment machine, the machine control circuit, consisting of water system, air system, treatment equipment, tanks and ancillary equipment to several parts. The whole set in the dental chair with armrests near post, spittoons and instrument tray. In the upper part of the column with a given surgical lights have cold, in the middle column, the dental chair armrests have spittoons a nearby garbage. Li Gui arm stretched out in the middle, on the arm with a instrument panel and console. On the console panel is equipped with machines operated buttons and control switches, and equipped with instrument tray in the console surface. In the Control Panel of the rooms with laminated j switch with a spray gun, low speed air motor, high-speed air turbine handpiece fixed points on the control panel mounted film viewer.


The main components

There are six parts of dental treatment machine:

First place, water gas system consists of two parts water supply system, sewage reflux and compressed air system. There are two waterways in the water, one is provided by the tank, and the other by the water pipe. Air compressor to provide air source.

Follows Handpiece: dental handpiece is the gas turbine dental drill front, dental handpieces have drilling, grinding and other functions, which is the direct treatment tools. Mobile main south front, connected to form a tube and lubricator. Mobile pressure range: high-speed air turbine handpiece is 0 23  ~ 26MPa; low speed air motor is 0.3 ~ 0 32MPa.

And three use guns: the role with three gun is water, jet, spray. Gas and water are within Barrel Ling, not official population directly, not directly sprayed tooth site. Often in the injection process of the gas, water and heating, gas, fog, so can be called the six with the gun. With three gun mainly by the gas line, water, circuit, valves, push button, heating switch, nozzles and other components.

Besides, the aspirator device: the machine has a suction saliva and powerful attractor two aspirator, aspirator or simply attract strong clamor to get up from the shelf, the aspirator can begin work. Aspirator suction device is generating a negative pressure by the suction effect through the pipeline formed.

In addition, the round Box: The outer box has a power switch and gas, water switch knob, barometer, dirty water table. Section deep inside there is pressure valve, pressure regulator valve, gas and water pipe connections, gas pressure control valve, switching power supply. 4 film viewer film viewer major dental X-ray film for viewing by the general composition of the fluorescent tube light boxes.

Moreover, do not forget a modest lighting: Oral surgical lights dental treatment requires moderate lighting to improve efficiency, reduce visual fatigue doctors. Oral surgery shadowless lamp is a spot, small heat, no special lights burning sensation. 

As for a modest lighting, there are seven aspects are important in dental treatment. Such as Light requirements, Light Color, Lights temperature, Radiation field, Shadowless technology, Rectangular beam and Cold light. Interested in them? Then you can talk to us here or by E-mail, we are ready to offer you the professional answers. 

Auxiliary equipment

Dentistry treatment, in addition to dental unit, usually equipped with other devices, such as dental chairs, air compressors, vacuum pumps and other auxiliary equipment to create the necessary conditions for the use of the treatment machine, expand treatment machine functions.