Ultrasonic Scaler is developed by electronic technology, ultrasound technology and precision machinery in one of the high-tech products. Moreover, equipment of stable performance, easy to operate, safe, reliable and professional are necessary for Dental Hospital.

Ultrasonic scaling is currently more advanced dental cleaning technology, which is an efficient, high-quality, time-saving features in the correct operation, minimal damage to the tooth surface. It is smaller harmful than brushing for tooth surface. Only under a magnifying glass to see the tooth surface leaving very fine lines. If there is originally loose teeth, sensitive teeth, you maybe feel sore during scaling, but we have nothing to worry.


Ultrasonic Scaler overview

Ultrasonic Scaler is developed by electronic technology, ultrasound technology and precision machinery in one of the high-tech products. Base on the use of handpiece high-frequency vibration of Ultrasonic scaler, to make dental calculus subject to vibration and loose and removal  the smoke spot in tooth surface, tea scale, rapid and pigment effectively. Importantly, Ultrasonic Scaler is specialized hospitals and dentists oral necessary professional equipment, is currently the most technically representative of Guangzhou Medsinglong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., by virtue of this accounted for the majority of market share.

The principle

Generated by the electronic ultrasonic frequency oscillation circuit electrical pulse and amplified to a certain intensity, delivered to the transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, stimulate the work of the first tool to generate the same frequency vibration, to achieve crush the calculus, loose calculus purpose. 


Ultrasonic scaler refers to the use of ultrasonic scaling equipment attached to the surface of the tooth remove tartar, plaque, soot, tea scale, which does not hurt the gums and enamel, coupled with constant spray of water rinse, so clean teeth the better, more efficient.

Ultrasonic scaler to remove not only the surface of the tooth plaque, calculus and tea stains and dirt, white teeth, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of bad breath, root bleeding, periodontal disease, tooth decay and other oral diseases.

After questions about ultrasonic scaling

In the past, some strong teeth patients will feel a slight pain when there is cold after dental cleaning, which is why? In fact, this is not the harm caused by dental cleaning. But because before scaling, the root has been surrounded by dental calculus, this time, dental calculus to play a blocking role of external stimuli. Once dental calculus is gone, the root surface exposed, cold case and will produce a slight soreness. This is normal, and it takes about a week of this allergy symptoms will disappear.

Ultrasonic scaling contraindications

Ultrasonic scaling disabled in the patients with Blood diseases such as acute leukemia, Set with cardiac pacemakers, Aplastic anemia and AIDS.

Teeth cleaning common sense

I believe many people know that in fact brushing in our daily lives cannot play the role of a good clean teeth, even if carefully brush your teeth every day, we still would have a tooth plaque and dental calculus. So how should we do it? Dental experts point out, ultrasonic scaling can help us clean oral health, which can not only clean teeth whitening to a certain extent, better produce oral disease prevention, play a role of early detection and early treatment, it is recommended once every six months on a regular scaling.