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Serve You The Installation And Maintenance Of Dental Chairs

The installation

As we all know, dental chair seems to be the essential medical equipment for dentist, since the world's first electric dental drill has been appeared in 1887, the dental unit has been greatly improved in terms of performance and intelligent. In recent years, a large number of new technologies aim to make dental equipment become more humane. Dental treatment was divided into two kinds mainly, they are pneumatic dental chair and electric dental chair.

Three elements of dental chair are gas, water and electricity. So what should be prepared before the installation is that make sure there are gas, water pipe (preferably away from the ground),

Gas, water, electricity is necessary dental chair three elements, so before The installation must be gas, water pipe good cloth (preferably away from the ground), the waterway is best to install a water filter for the first time, so as not to affect the life of the machine water filter, air pump do not leave the chair too close, to avoid noise effects when patients cheer. If there are many dental chair devices, it is recommended to take a central gas supply, so not only can save money, reduce failures, but also to guarantee supply quality.

Usually the new purchase of equipment by the manufacturers of installation, but it is better that the whole process of installation there is a doctor present, so that to deal with a problem as possible themselves in the future problems of dental chair's work.

For comprehensive dental chair, there are two kinds of dental chair which including siamese - style and the split one majority, which including the patient chair, the doctor seat, nurses seat, foot seat, surgical lights, side boxes and ground box. Wherein the patient seat there are two electric and manual control, electric power portion has a screw drive type, electro-hydraulic and belt drive. Artificial foot control is mainly used to control the use of a hydraulic seat position. Treatment mainly by high-speed handpiece, low speed mobile phone (pneumatic or electro-mechanical), three functions' gun, aspirator, automatic water feeder, appliance plate, shadowless, x ray film viewer, scaler, curing light (usually optional), consisting of sputum pots and gas, water, electricity control section. Among them, the role of gas is based on the principle of majority control water and electricity work, carried out extractions, tooth repair and cleaning teeth and other oral diseases.

The Maintenance
Since the dental treatment instrument is the necessary equipment for dentist to treat patients. Moreover, for its high usage rate, and is a gas, water and electricity in one of the equipment, so the routine maintenance of equipment directly related to the length of life and equipment in good condition, so routine maintenance work is particularly important.

The first is the maintenance of handpiece, which is a key component of dental chair, during use, to avoid cross-infection between patients, the handpiece also must undergo autoclaving, in order to extend the life of the handpiece, routine maintenance should be particular attention.

Next is the maintenance of treatment machine, which is mainly gas path, waterway maintenance. So after every day's busy work of , we should shut gas, water and electricity. It is particularly worth mentioning is off the air after use with three air spray gun is done within the lumen, in order to avoid pipeline a long period of high pressure, easy to aging rupture

Last but not least, the patients seat maintenance, the transmission parts should be checked regularly, mechanical drive position to regularly add oil. Electro-hydraulic drive to regularly check the oil tank and oil, do remember to replenish and replace when the oil shortage or poor quality oil. Besides, for belt drive, pay attention to adjust the belt tension.

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