It Is Better To Do Dental Health Check

In 1981, dental health standard has been enacted by World Health Organization (WHO). As we known before, World Health Organization to develop dental health standards are teeth cleaning, no cavities, no pain in teeth, normal gum color and no bleeding.

According to statistics, China reached the standard of dental health of the population is less than 1%. How about your country? Dental health is seen to be an important indicator of the health of a person, and also have a major impact on general health. Thus, with the economic level and increase the degree of social civilization, it is the urgent need to change the concept of dental hygiene, strengthen dental care, regular dental check-ups, problems and timely treatment to achieve dental health standards.

Self-examination of whether oral dental health
I. Bloodstains when brushing your teeth? Maybe Gingivitis.
II. Gingival swelling with Bloodstains when look in the mirror? Maybe Gingivitis.
III. There are different degrees of loose teeth, Root exposure or swollen gums, with pus, it has grown to periodontitis.
IV. Decayed tooth, Prove the oral environment is not optimistic.
V. Toothache, Gingivitis, pulpitis or periodontitis.
VI. Pain response to stimulate of hot and cold foods, tooth appears allergic phenomenon etc.

If you find yourself mouth teeth appear more than 1 to 3 above symptoms, signs your mouth or teeth have been in a healthy condition, to timely prevention of oral health in order to prevent further deterioration; if symptoms appear 3 to 6, explain your mouth and teeth has been in a non-healthy state, must be treated as soon as possible; if 7 to 9 symptoms appear, your mouth has teeth at the very unhealthy state, it must be effective treatment immediately.

Measures to maintain dental health
With the developing age of a person, when you are 30 years old: the teeth begin to change color. - tooth enamel thinning; 40 years: a slight loosening of the teeth began to cause deformation, gap appear. - Gums begin to shrink; And 50 years: teeth become fragile, susceptible to damage.

Share you usually careful protection methods:

1. In fact, there is nothing reluctant about wisdom tental, for it has no chewing function. If you want to wait until the pain and then pull, it is too late to the damage caused by normal tooth.
2. Drink less soda
3. Eat more fruits
4. Brush your teeth carefully: Proper brushing, morning and evening brushing, mouthwash after meals, regular inspection, semiannual cleanings

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